BC Place Roof Construction

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Entire Construction: dateRange=2010-05-02~2011-10-31 timeRange=06:00~22:00

Entire Construction at Night: dateRange=2010-05-02~2011-10-31 dayRange=95~130

Old Roof: dateRange=2010-05-01~2010-05-01 timeRange=07:30~21:30

Old Roof Deflation: dateRange=2010-05-04~2010-05-04 timeRange=10:30:00~12:00:00

Removing Old Roof: dateRange=2010-05-03~2010-06-14 dayRange=30~80

Attaching first arm: dateRange=2010-07-28~2010-07-28 timeRange=07:00:00~09:30:00

Attaching all arms: dateRange=2010-08-01~2010-12-15 dayRange=30~80

Attaching New Roof: dateRange=2011-05-18~2011-09-02 dayRange=20~80

Opening New Roof (for the First Time) : dateRange=2011-08-20~2011-08-20 timeRange=06:15~11:00

Testing Lighting: dateRange=2011-11-17~2011-11-17 timeRange=16:00:00~20:30:00

Always High-Noon: dateRange=2010-05-02~2011-10-31 dayRange=45~55

Year-Long Sunset: dateRange=2010-05-02~2011-10-31 dayRange=80~105

Horizontal Moving Sun (Solstice to Solstice) : dateRange=2010-12-22~2011-06-21 dayRange=80~90

Vancouver Sun Run: dateRange=2010-05-09~2010-05-09 timeRange=07:32~15:00

Snow Day 1: dateRange=2010-11-19~2010-11-26 timeRange=21:00~12:00 continuous=true

Snow Day 2: dateRange=2011-02-26~2011-02-28 timeRange=08:00~15:00 continuous=true

Snow Day 3: dateRange=2011-01-11~2011-01-12 timeRange=18:00~18:00 continuous=true

Storm Rolling in: dateRange=2010-08-26~2010-08-26 timeRange=16:30~21:00

Summer Storm: dateRange=2011-06-24~2011-06-24 timeRange=08:00~15:30

Fog 1: dateRange=2011-10-23~2011-10-23 timeRange=02:00~11:00

Fog 2: dateRange=2011-01-27~2011-01-28 timeRange=20:30~8:00 continuous=true

Fog 3: dateRange=2011-01-19~2011-01-19 timeRange=02:00~04:45

Fog 4: dateRange=2010-06-12~2010-06-12 timeRange=04:00~06:00