Ming Library

Ming is a C library for creating Adobe Flash (.swf) files. It is often packaged as a PHP module that allows for the dynamic generation of Flash animations. In addition to PHP, the library can also be used in the programming languages C++, Perl, Python, and Ruby.

Ming Library Projects

Extravagant Corpse

This project is a multi-user drawing game where people choose a square to draw on to complete a collage picture as a whole. The concept was based around a multi-narrative version of the "exquisite corpse" (a parlor game where people would each write a part of a sentence and pass it on to a person who would add on not knowing the complete sentence). This project turned out to be very successful and one of my favorite works.

My role in this was developing the initial concept team lead of four people and head programmer. In 2008 new features using an SQL database allows for automation of creating new "corpses" (canvases), email notifications, daily user drawing limits, and interactive completed "corpse" viewings.

In 2017 Reddit created a somewhat similar project named r/place which also involved multiple people drawing on the same canvas. The main difference, besides the immense size of the canvas in r/place, is this Extravagant Corpse project would designate and lock off a drawing area for a specific person to create their art within, where-as r/place would have everyone in competition to draw over each others artwork.

Ming Library