Teleo is a defunct microcontroller that was built by a company called Making Things. The Teleo microcontroller was very similar to the Arduino where it had various I/O ports that can be connected to various sensors and outputs and run custom software that has been stored on the device.

While in university I used the Teleo a few times to create interactive projects which connected to Adobe Flash and Max/MSP to help manipulate digital videos or animation based on real life movements and interactions.

Teleo Projects

Puppet Project

The purpose of this project was to create a physical to digital interaction. Our team decided to create a manipulative digital puppet in which the user pulls physical ropes to control the digital version of the puppet. The artistic direction was in a morbid fashion intended to reflect our group's view of the workload of the school at the time. I was in charge of translating the physical actions to digital input, some of the back end Flash work, and constructing the physical rig using parts from a scrap yard. The physical components had their motion tracked by sensors hooked up to a Teleo module (similar to an Arduino) which communicated to the Flash animation displayed on a projection.