3DS Max

Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D computer graphics software widely used for modeling, animation, and rendering. It is favored in industries like gaming and architecture for creating detailed and visually compelling 3D content.

3DS Max Projects

3D Learning Environment

Working with Citadel Training Management, I was in charge of creating a 3D learning environment to provide training and learning solutions. While the work ended up unfinished, many features were still able to be showcased. Using the Unity 3D game engine, I managed to create a system from scratch for the user to manipulate 3D objects with collisions and physics, also with a multi-level hierarchy that allow parts and sub-parts to be attached and disassembled with ease, with minimal setup by the developer.

Using a popular powerful game engine also allows for realistic graphics and models as well as a means to run this environment on various platforms, such as standalone PC, internet browser, mobile, or gaming platforms.

3DS Max