Citadel Training Management was a startup I contributed to which had the vision of developing E-Learning for a variety of industries such as construction and defense.

I worked as a multimedia contractor as well as the active director of multi-media for the start-up company. I helped develop various multimedia projects, as well as heavy involvement in the creation of a custom 3D learning environment and custom 3D model explorer.

Citadel Projects

3D Learning Environment

Working with Citadel Training Management, I was in charge of creating a 3D learning environment to provide training and learning solutions. While the work ended up unfinished, many features were still able to be showcased. Using the Unity 3D game engine, I managed to create a system from scratch for the user to manipulate 3D objects with collisions and physics, also with a multi-level hierarchy that allow parts and sub-parts to be attached and disassembled with ease, with minimal setup by the developer.

Using a popular powerful game engine also allows for realistic graphics and models as well as a means to run this environment on various platforms, such as standalone PC, internet browser, mobile, or gaming platforms.

3DS Max
Citadel Training Management Branding

I was tasked with designing the logo and general branding for the startup company: Citadel Training Management. I came up the idea of a rook chess piece to signify their combined experience and core values of: training, management, learning, strategy and experience in the manufacturing and defense fields.